I started this blog a couple of years ago, switched to my very own fancy schmancy domain name, then promptly lost all motivation to blog. Well, since life is about fresh starts and second chances, here I am again.

What have I been up to for the last three years (asks the nonexistent interweb audience)? Oh, you know, the usual. I changed jobs, had a third baby (what??), wrote a novel (what the WHAT??).. Yep. I am now the mother of three crazy children under six years old, working full time, and attempting to edit my novel in my free (HA!) time.

And what have I learned? Dude, this shit is HARD. Everything looks all roses and gumdrops when you read other people’s blogs or see news stories about people living their dreams. I always get all revved up and seriously MOTIVATED when I see someone else making things happen. Then reality hits. Kids need to be fed, the mortgage needs to be paid, and Mama hasn’t slept more than four consecutive hours in over seven months. Sometimes, ok, all the time, it feels like getting by is the best I can hope for. Dreams? Passions? I can barely get to work on time.

So here’s to do-overs. It’s never too late to pursue something. No more excuses. Even though most days I’d rather have my eyes scratched out than read one more FREAKING word of my terrible first draft, I’m going to power through it. If that means barely managing to edit a paragraph a day, so be it. At least it’s something.

Please remind me of this in a month when I give up because IT’S JUST TOO HARD and blah blah blah (insert random, whiny excuse here).


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