Random thoughts on Accountability


I need to lose 20 pounds and my house is a disaster. That’s right. I’m admiting it. I could go on about how 10 pounds would bring me back to my pre-pregnancy weight which really isn’t that bad and I have a new baby and a two year old so it’s not a huge deal that my house is a sty.. but I’m not going to. Instead I’m going to own the fact that I am a disorganized mess and I need to fix it. So, there. I owned it. Sweet. Now what?

Maybe I should take pictures of my nasty house and my big ol’ post pregnancy belly and post them online for all the world to see.. that would hold me accountable. It could also earn me some cash. I bet someone out there has a fetish for messy houses and pasty bellies. Huh..

On second thought… nevermind. I think I’ll just stick with the accountability of having to look at all of it everyday. No need to share.


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  1. Hahaa. 🙂 I have 20 lbs left to lose and I cleaned my house yesterday! (took hours especially with Jet and the heat, but it feels great!)

    Do it. Then take a photo of the bikini bod, in your clean house 🙂

  2. Own it sistah! 🙂

    I have five or so more pounds to lose, but the belly, arms and thighs are loose now, so it feels like 10 or 15 pounds.

    Any suggestions for thinning hair? I was warned that this would happen after Julian was born, but I’m six months in now, and afraid to brush my hair (I need to conserve!!!).

    • Babies definitely do freaky things to the body. Wait till you have another one. I’m kind of scared of what my stomach will look like when I do manage to take off the rest of the weight.

      No idea on the hair thing. It takes a long time for all that hormonal junk to even out. It will eventually though!

  3. I think its 10 months on 10 months off for the weight. At least that’s how it’s been for me.
    And I finally sat down and wrote out a schedule for my house. sunday laundry. Mon pay bills, groceries. Tues bathrooms. wed vacuum and mop. ect. Once you get going it’s like 15 minutes a day to keep your house picked up.
    And may I add I wrote out a schedule for my husband too? He does dishes and clears the table. It gives us so much more free time. Maybe its just writing it down to get it out of your head that makes it easier.

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